Five Creative DIY Storage Ideas


Do you find that there always seems to be a certain amount of clutter around your home? Many times the amount of clutter that accumulates can become very overwhelming and there is not always space, money or even the desire for new a storage installation. If this is the case you do not need to fret, there are actually quite a few ways in which with a bit of creativity and ingenuity you can find a solution. Here are five simple diy storage ideas for you to consider:


1. Rolling Storage

There are many times in which we find ourselves with extra storage space under a cabinet, bed or couch however plastic crates are not always aesthetically pleasing or convenient. A great option is to get some crates, you can either purchase them or pick them up at your local grocers, sand and paint them, add some rolling casters and problem solved. An easy and attractive way to use this space.

2. Tin Can Organizer

Find that your desk or counters are also accumulating clutter, a creative idea is to use tin cans and make an attractive tin can organizer. They can be painted and decorated to fit the space in which they will be used, just have a bit of patience being as the paint can take quite awhile to dry.

3. Spice Holders

Having spices stored in a cabinet can cause a lot of clutter and even spillage not to mention the inconvenience of having to try and find the correct spice at the right moment. There is a great and creative way in which you can store and creatively display all your spices, all you need for this project are your glass spice jars, nails and floral wire. Place the nails in the wall in a creative sequence, nicely make a loop around you spice jar with the floral wire and tightly twist while creating a second loop that will go right over the nails in the wall. Simple no?

4. Lipstick Holder

This chic idea to help keep your lipsticks and makeup accessories organized is very simple and inexpensive to make, all you need is copper tubing cut to the size you want and wood plugs. You can make as many slots as you need and it is an especially clever and pretty look that can be added to your room or bathroom.

5. Canvas Baskets

Nothing adds a bit of style then a creative canvas basket. It is very easy to find plain cloth baskets at dollar stores or in the clearance section of a variety of other shopping locations. After that all you need is some fabric paint that will match the rest of your decor and some imagination for a great design. This is an ideal area to store stuffed animals, scarves and even blankets, basically any soft items which will not damage the fabric can be stored in your canvas baskets.

These are just five simple diy storage ideas, the ideal thing to do is thoroughly examine every area of your home and decide where the clutter is and the best diy ideas that could help contain it. It really is about thinking out of the box and being creative.