Common Front Door Locks Types

Door locks form an important part of residential spaces and are building blocks when it comes to security and safety. Most people know about them, but not as many are informed about the front door locks types. Choosing the right lock for your front door is an important decision. Here is an overview of some of the door locks used for residential homes.

front door locks types


Deadbolts are among the more popular lock types and widely used in several residential homes. Most homeowners know about the single-cylinder deadbolt, which is one of the subsets of this door lock type. When it comes to door locks, the deadbolts are mainly used for securing exterior doors.

2.Door Knob Locks

The doorknob lock is also a popular and common lock that is mainly used for interior doors. The doorknob lock is not considered the ideal choice for external use, as they are slightly lacking when it comes to security. Unlike the deadbolts, these locks are vulnerable to buckling when a force is exerted on the lock. For example, hitting one of these locks with a hammer could easily destroy it, and when the knob is compromised, it is easy to get into the lock-cylinder inside the knob, which would provide easy access to an intruder.

3.Cylindrical Lever Locks

Similar to a deadbolt, the cylindrical level lock is used widely in both commercial and residential settings. When comparing the different front door locks types, the cylindrical lever locks are easy to operate. The structure of these locks offers a more efficient and easier egress and ingress.

4.Mortise Locks

The mortise locksets are very similar to the cylindrical lever lock and used widely in commercial settings, yet they are also common fixtures in several homes and apartments.

5.Smart Locks And Electronic Locks

Electronic locks have become the popular choice for residential homes, along with apartment complexes. Using a smart or electronic lock often provides an added level of security.

6.Multi-Point Locking System

The key-operated multi-point lock system is fitted inside the door that then locks into the frame of the door. When this type of lock engages several bolts are engaged inside the frame of the door. This type of lock usually comes with 3, 4 or 5 points.

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